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>> 20091201

Crossbreed es una banda de metal industrial de Florida (USA) nacida en 1996. Para saber más visita su site oficial o checkea mas info en la wiki.

Aquí la lyric de su sencillo Underlined, una canción muy muy buena:

practicing the silence muting all the sounds you hear somones getting violent
cutting off all the ends you steal signs of forward progress still wrapped
tight inside and sealed free me from this madness and ill never look back to
heal silence in your sleep and people they are weak im cutting all
connections that led u two to speak

death is a disease and people they believe almost out of time i said your

practicing the silence underlined from all your pain slowly slipping backwards
calling out gods name in vain signs of forward progress chanting that youre
almost free you whispered to me and told me that your life wasnt me

another day and another weak which type of death is a disease your so damn
blind and so am i your underlined turn away......

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Anónimo 4/28/2010 12:48 p. m.  

Excelente Rola y uno de los mejores discos que he escuchado!!!!=)

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